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When is the registration deadline?

The deadline to register and be guaranteed the correct size shirt is April 25, 2019. Registration is open and will be accepted till May 17, 2019. A shirt will be given to each player after April 25th but may not be the requested size.

Is my team registered when I fill out the Team Registration form?

No. In order to be fully registered you must pay the Team registration fee. Once the fee is paid and the team registration form is complete, the team captain or designated coach will receive an email 2 weeks out from the event containing a team number and other vital tournament information.

How many people per team?

Each team consists of a maximum of 4 players and a minimum of 3 players. Unfortunately, at this time we are not accepting individual registrations, only team registrations.

Is there an age limit?

While there is no age limit:
Every player on the team must be entering at least 6th grade in 2019.

What is the cost?

$140 per team. Each registered player will receive a t-shirt and other items.

How do I sign up for the 3-point shootout?

At the registration table on the tournament start date. Only the first 30 people will participate. Each entry for the 3-point shootout is $10. This will have a separate prize for the winner.

Do all team members have to be the same age/grade?

No. You can have your team set up however you choose. The placement of the team will be determined by the age of the oldest player.
Exception: under 16 not allowed in Adult division and under 13 not allowed in High School division.

Can I have a co-ed team?

Yes. Co-ed teams are allowed but will be placed in the corresponding male division determined by the age of the oldest player. See exception above.

What are the rules?

The rules can be found HERE